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Agata's Childminding

Homely childcare environment

Accident policy         


As a registered childminder I have been checked by Ofsted. My house has been approved according to health and safety standards and I have successfully met the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements.

I am responsible to provide safe and healthy  environment for  children in my setting and I will do my best to prove my competence.

Additionally I have attended a 12 hours Pediatrics First Aid Course and my current certificate is displayed for everyone to view. I will renew my course every three years to make sure that I am well prepared and competent in case of emergency.

My First Aid Kit is well equipped, reviewed regularly and easily accessible for adult only. I also hold another First Aid Kit which I use for going out and about. Both my emergency kits include children’s names, addresses and contact details.

To avoid any of these emergency situations I do my risk assessment checks on a regular basis.

In the event of an accident :

  1. I will give your child the best emergency treatment I have been trained to, with your previously signed permission
  2. I will make sure the child feels comfortable and if I will call for medical support/ ambulance service if there is a need for it, the number is 999/112
  3. I will also make sure that other children in my setting are safe and secure at the same time.
  4. If I have to assist the child to the hospital I will contact my emergency back-up cover  and the name of that person is displayed below.
  5. I will contact the parent as soon as possible to provide them information where to meet me and the child
  6. If the injury is serious and requires further medical treatment it is my responsibility to contact Ofsted and my insurance company

All accidents or incidents remain confidential, are recorded in my accidents book which is signed and dated. I will also ask parents to read the details of accident and signed it for me. If any accident happens at your own home you are politely asked to report it to me on your arrival to may setting and recorded in my Existing Injuries Record.

My back-up cover persons are: Mr Sebastian Wierzbowski, Mrs Eliza Kaczmarek– Sanchez.

                                                                           Anti-discriminatory Practice/Inclusion policy

Living in a diverse society is a meaningful experience. We are surrounded by different languages, different cultures, different people from all over the world.
We learn about each other and become more open to other individuals with their different way of life. We become more tolerant and respectful.

As a childminder in my setting I will treat each child individually, equally and fairly.

I will not discriminate against the children I care for on any grounds of disability, colour of the skin, cultural backgrounds, home language, family states, sexual orientation, age etc.

I will make sure the children have opportunity to learn how different people are and how we can learn from each other through fun and enjoyable activities.

In my setting I will do my best to provide different learning and play resources to help each child to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
I will promote language and cultural diversity by learning about other countries in the world through books, puzzles and toys.

I will encourage children to express their views while playing and exploring the environment around them. I will give children choices and involve them in planning our daily routine so they have possibility to learn about their preferences and individual needs.

I will make sure the children feel happy and enjoy themselves in a safe and  warm care environment.

Sick Child policy

My childcare setting has been checked by Ofsted and I have met all the health and safety requirements to provide good quality childcare.

As a childminder I will promote good health and protect children from any diseases and infections the best I can.

To prevent the spread of infection I will ask parents to keep their children at home when they are seriously ill.

When the child has had a sickness and Diarrhoea please contact me and keep your child at home for at least 48 hours after the last symptoms occured.

To support all the parents I will be able to deal with usual colds and coughs. I can also apply medication prescribed by a doctor after previous parental written consent (please see my medication policy).

When the child becomes sick in my care I will isolate the child from others, give him the best comfort I can and I will contact the parents to collect the child as soon as possible.

In the event of a child having notifiable disease in my care I will inform Health Protection Agency and contact Ofsted about the course of action I have taken.
All this will be recorded and kept in the secured place.

Safeguarding/Child protection policy

As a childminder I will value every child and respect him. I will treat every child as individual person and do my best to learn about his needs and his individual preferences. I will create an environment where the child feels safe and healthy.

I also attended the Child Protection training to be more aware of safeguarding issues when it comes to little children.

I am CRB checked. I am registered as data controller  what makes my setting even more secure (please see my ‘Mobile phones and cameras policy’.

I will protect all the children in my care from any type of abuse or neglect. As a childcare provider my duty is to report any signs of possible harm.

If I have any concerns when it comes to well-being of a child I will record it and I will speak to the parents if it is appropriate. In case of any possibility the harm could be done by the parents I will contact professionals for advice immediately. If the harm is obvious and the child is in danger I will make a report to the Children’s Helpdesk.

To protect the children nobody in my setting is allowed to use mobile phone to take picture or video of the children. If I plan to take the picture of the children in my care
I will obtain a written permission from the parents.

To avoid any allegations of abuse made against me I will record any concern about the child I have, records of any accidents and incidents I notice. I will also contact my Local Authority Designated Officer and Ofsted immediately.

My useful telephone numbers:

Children’s Helpdesk – 01452 426565

Ofsted - 03001231231

The Police – 08450901234

Emergency - 999


Behaviour policy

As a childminder  I will provide warm and safe environment for the children. I will treat every child with respect and I do my best to meet their individual needs.

Children in the early years go through stages of social, emotional and behavioural development. They do not know the rules and boundaries and it can be very difficult for them talk about their feelings and emotions. Children at the early stage of their development  do not always understand the way they behave.

There are lots of  reasons why the child can misbehave. They can be bored, tired, ill, parents are separated, new baby in the family, death in the family, new childminder etc.

As a childminder I will never punish the child physically for misbehaving. I realize that this kind of harm is totally ineffective and causes pain, discomfort and humiliates the child. If I was to restrain the child physically, it would only be to prevent him from a danger like running onto the streer or any other risk of injury.In my care I will promote positive discipline:

  1. I will provide activities appropriate for the child’s individual needs
  2. I will play with children so they get my attention and they feel valued
  3. I will praise the children for their good behaviour 
  4. I will always try to find something the child is good at
  5. I will give ‘well done’ stickers for sharing with others, helping each other, tidiying up, being a good friend etc.
  6. I will involve children in planning the activities so they feel important
  7. I will involve the children in setting up the rules in the house
  8. I will encourage children to make choices
  9. I will give children warning so they can prepare themselves for change
  10. I will give children only necessary, clear and simple commands
  11. Children in my care will be familiar with their  everyday routine, they will know what is going to happen next and that is why they will feel safe and relaxed
  12. We will never rush and children have time to enjoy every minute
  13. I will  ignore some behaviours which are not destructive, dangerous or harmful to others
  14. I will always consult with the parents any concerns I have about the child’s behaviour.

 The parents are the partners and we always work together to help the child learn how to behave appropriately.

Complaints policy

As a childminder I will provide good quality care for all children. My home based childcare service is regularly checked by Ofsted to make sure the children receive the best standards  of childcare.

I will treat parents and carers with respect and value communication with them.
I will work in close relation with the parents and carers to be able to understand better every child’s individual needs and provide them with appropriate activities. Children feel more confident and secure when they see good relation between their parent and the carer .

I will encourage every parent to discuss any concerns they might have about the quality of childcare their child receives.

The parents have also the rights to write the complain if they feel like it. As a childcare provider I have 28 days to respond to the written complaint.

I will always keep records of the complaints I receive. I record the name, the nature of complaint (how it is relevant to EYFS), the time and date, details of concern of complaint, any outcomes and actions taken. I can promise as well to keep confidentiality.

I can assure that all the complains will be kept in my record for up to 3 years.

If the problems are still not resolved the parents can ring or write to:

The National Complaints Team
Ofsted National Business Unit
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Email :  Telephone :  0300 123 4666 or 03001231231

The Ofsted contact details will be displayed for the parents all the time so they can have easy access to it.

 Lost child policy

When working with the children I will do my best to maintain a good well-being of the children in my care. My house has been checked by Ofsted and has met all the Health and Safety requirements.

At all times I will be aware of the safety of the children in my care and I will make sure the risk assessment is done on a regular basis.

In the unlikely event of the child gone missing I will:

  1. Raise an alarm that the child is lost
  2. Immediately inform the security officers if the child is lost in the shopping centre
  3. Involve everyone to search for a child
  4. Provide description of the child
  5. Make sure the other children are safe and secure
  6. Inform the police about the missing child and provide them with necessary details of a child
  7. Inform the parents
  8. Inform Ofsted

To  avoid being in that kind of situation I will:

  1. Avoid  overcrowded places
  2. Make sure the children hold my hand, are in the buggy or wear reins
  3. Pay particular attention to my minded children at all times
  4. When on outings provide children with my name, address and phone number
  5. Teach children on safety awareness
  6. Carry on regular risk assessment


Emergencies and fire Evacuation policy

I will be responsible to maintain the safety of the children in my care at all times.
I will teach the children how to be safe and avoid any harm.

I will provide the children with the information how to avoid the fire and how to behave in the event of fire. We will read stories, watch cartoons on the subject of Fire Safety to help the children get better understanding and make them prepared so they will not panic in the event of fire.

I will regularly practice the Fire drill with the children so they familiar with the procedure of evacuation. We will do it using a pretend play activities so the children do not feel scared.

I will make sure that the emergency escape routes are free from any obstacles.

My fire alarms are tested regularly and a fire blanket is kept in the kitchen in a visible place. 

In the event of Fire I will:

  1. remain calm and assure the children about their safety
  2. make sure that all the children stay together in one group holding their hands
  3. carry children who are not able to walk
  4. use the closest way out of the house (front door, back door, window if necessary)
  5. phone 999
  6. take all the children to the safe place (neighbours’ house or the nearest children centre, the children’s park)
  7. always keep my emergency contacts and children’s records forms in easily accessible location so I can quickly get it in the case of emergency evacuation
  8. contact the parents and discuss with them the procedure of collecting the child


Failure to collect the child policy

As a childminder my first responsibility and priority is the safety and well-being of the children in my care.

I will work in a good partnership with the parents to avoid any miscommunication.

With the parents we will discuss the drop off and collection times. It is important for the parents to remain honesty and stick to the times discussed previously.

In the event of a child left uncollected:

  • after 15 min I will contact the parents
  • I will assure the child that everything is under control and make him feel calm and relaxed
  • If the parents are not responding I will contact the emergency person and ask to collect the child
  • After an hour when the child is still not collected I will then contact ‘Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children’s Board’ and ask for advice
  • I will inform Ofsted as well

Administering Medication Policy               


As childminder working towards the best care of the children I am aware that the child might not be well on some occasions. I am willing to help the parents maintaining the health and safety of this child and making sure he gets the best comfort while in my care.

On these occasions it might be necessary to give the child non–prescribed medication like a pain or a fever reliever (calpol, nurophen, ibuprofen) or teething gel. I will administer these medications when there is a real need for it. Prior this I will discuss it with the parents and ask them to sign permission to do so. Every time the minded child becomes sick I will contact the parents first  so they are fully informed of the child being not well and we can together discuss the next steps.

Each time the child is given any non–prescribed medication is recorded including the time and the dosage.

All prescribed and not-prescribed medication including sun creams, teething gel, asthma inhalers must be provided by the parents and are kept in a secured place out of children’s reach and are checked regularly if up to date.

Every medicine provided by parents must be in its original container, with the name of medication clearly written, name of the child and instruction for dosage.

I will never administer any medications containing aspirine unless it is prescribed by a doctor.

I can administer medications prescribed by a doctor and this will be recorded in my administering medicine records.

Every time the child is prescribed medication the parents must give the first dose at least 24 hours before attending my setting. This is in case the child develops an allergic reaction.